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Intensive Care Medicine - Paediatric & Neonatal

Intensive Care Medicine – Paediatric and Neonatal (ICMpn) is a fully Open Access journal providing you with the latest achievements in neonatal and paediatric intensive care medicine based on clinical as well as experimental studies under the guidance of well-established members of the editorial board

– The official journal of the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC)
– ICMpn fills the gap between organ-specific journals and general pediatric journals, highlighting the effects of organ development due to pathophysiological changes during critical illness
– The Open access publication ensures that your article can be easily discovered, accessed, used, and shared, maximising your impact and acting as a springboard for further discovery
– With a prestigious international Editorial Board including some of the world’s leading voices in our field, we will provide expert early guidance for researchers, helping transform ideas into discoveries.
– ICMpn aims to be a leading journal in Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care and to build long-term relationships with researchers, providing expert guidance, training and support
– Paed-Neo articles rejected (without review) by the ICM journal can be transferred to ICM-PN Journal.


Intensive Care Medicine – Paediatric and Neonatal (ICMpn) is an open-access online peer-reviewed journal aimed at publishing original research papers; evidence-based guidelines-meta- analyses and high-quality review articles on pediatric and neonatal critical care medicine. It is intended for all critical care providers (attending physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, physiotherapists, and others) seeking to enhance their own knowledge to ensure they provide Intensive Care Medicine – Paediatric and Neonatal best care for critically ill neonates, children and adolescents.

We welcome not only clinical papers but also experimental studies ranging from cell-derived studies to whole-body experiments. Special attention will be paid to pathophysiological aspects, translational approaches and the effects of developing organs being one of the hallmarks of paediatrics and allied specialities.

The special theme-focused issues will be published by guest editors under the title: Crossing borders integrating knowledge and ways for future directions based on adult and pediatric interplay.

ICMpn is the official journal of ESPNIC and is uniquely positioned between neonatology and pediatric organ-specific journals covering the whole life span of children from birth to adolescence/adulthood. The editorial board is formed by the best pediatric specialists covering the different and well-identifiable areas of neonatal and pediatric critical care. The journal will be instrumental in the progress of medical and nursing care with a high level of evidence guiding future therapies for critically ill children of all age groups.


Dick Tibboel, Erasmus University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Deputy Editor
Monique van Dijk, Erasmus University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Associate Editors
Karel Allegaert, KU Leuven, The Netherlands
Katherine Brown, University College London, UK
Paola Cogo, University of Udine, Italy
Koen Joosten, Erasmus MC-Sophia Children HospitalThe Netherlands
Jos M Latour, University of Plymouth, UK
Marek Migdal, Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Poland
Peter Rimensberger, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland
Ehrenfried Schindler, University of Bonn, Germany
Barnaby Scholefield, University Hospital Birmingham, UK