Started in 2021, ESPNIC’s dedicated mentorship program offers one-to-one mentoring support to motivated healthcare professionals who wish to strengthen their experience and skills or define and pursue their short-term professional development goals.

Mentorship is a non-formal educational tool for professional development and provides benefits for both the mentee and the mentor. The ESPNIC Mentorship program aims to support career development and job satisfaction for less experienced colleagues from all backgrounds and disciplines. We wholeheartedly welcome mentee applications from low and middle income countries (LMICs). We strive to create a valuable network among the mentorship program participants with our dedicated congress meetings and online lounges.

The mentor-mentee relationship is built on personal connection and mutual respect.

  • The mentor and mentee trust each other
  • They both are willing to share information about themselves
  • They both give constructive feedback
  • They reflect on the mentorship process

The program will run for a minimum period of 12 months, renewable once following mutual agreement from both parties.

  • Any project or research work (clinical, research, education, leadership) produced as a result of the mentee-mentor relationship will be presented to the ESPNIC Mentorship Committee.
  • Evaluation of the mentorship program by both mentors and mentees will be undertaken annually.

A mentor is a healthcare professional (HCP) who has a special interest in supporting another individual to develop into a successful professional and who has solid experience in the field (clinical, leadership, research or education). A mentor acts as a guide and role model for a new or less experienced HCP or a (senior) HCP who wants to further develop their career.


Mentor eligibility criteria and responsibilities for the Mentorship Program

Eligibility criteria: Responsibility:
●    For physicians: to be an academic or consultant

●    For nurses or AHPs: to be recognised as a leader in a specific field, PICU or NICU and have specialised skills in research, education, advanced practice or leadership.

●    To be an active ESPNIC member(paid dues) for the duration of the mentorship period

●    To have excellent communication skills

●    To demonstrate a strong interest in another person develop into a successful professional

●    To commit to be a mentor for the agreed duration of the mentorship

●    To recognise that the mentee primarily determines how the relationship develops/evolves

●    To be available for online meetings (minimum of 30 mins – 1 hour 4 per year) with their mentee

●    Is expected to attend ESPNIC congresses for a face to face meeting

●    Mentors should consider encouraging their mentee to be an active member of ESPNIC by joining a section or take a more active role in the society’s projects and initiatives


Every year we announce an open call for Mentors on our website and social media channels. Submit your application and share your experience.

A mentee is a healthcare professional (HCP) who is in training or in need of further professional development and has an interest in personal development. Mentее eligibility criteria and responsibilities for the Mentorship Program

Eligibility criteria: Responsibilities:
●    To be a qualified HCP in the field of PICU or NICU

●    To be in training or in need of further professional development

●    To be a MD after completion of the formal paediatric or anaesthesiology specialty training.

●    To commit to be a mentee for the agreed duration of the mentorship

●    To be actively engaged in their own professional development and be a mutual partner in the mentor-mentee relationship

●    Show a willingness to learn and collaborate with the mentor and develop further skills as suggested

●    Is available for webinar meetings (minimum 30 minutes or 4 times per year) with their mentor

●    Is expected to attend ESPNIC congress for a face to face meeting.


Every year we announce an open call for Mentees on our website and social media channels. It will be followed by a matching period before allocating you a mentor. Submit your application and join the ESPNIC Mentorship program.

The ESPNIC MC is responsible for setting guidelines for the mentorship program; pairing mentors and mentees in order to facilitate a mutually beneficial and successful short and potentially longer-term relationship; acting as a liaison between mentors and mentees; nominating the mentee’s and the mentor’s representative, and evaluating the mentorship program.

This committee will call for both mentee’s and mentor’s applications, review these applications, formally admit the mentees and the mentors into the programme, and pair the mentees with an appropriate mentor (within the time period indicated). Members of the MC will also develop the training material (PowerPoint slides and lesson plan) for both mentees’ and mentors’ mandatory education and deliver it at the start of the mentorship period. They will also send out evaluations for both mentees and mentors annually, and review and collate this data to monitor the program’s success.

The ESPNIC Mentorship Committee consists of:

    • The chair (or vice-chair) of ESPNIC nursing science or nursing section
    • The trainee representative
    • The chair of education and professional development
    • The medical and nursing past presidents
    • The mentee representative
    • The mentor representative