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ESPNIC Research School


This two-and-a-half program aims to build research methods knowledge and research capacity by promoting future collaboration and networking between multidisciplinary healthcare professionals working in paediatric and neonatal acute and critical care.

Lectures, workshops, and discussions are led by established professorial faculty with many years of experience in paediatric critical care.

The course is intended for all clinicians and researchers (physicians, nurses, allied health providers, psychologists, and others) interested in clinical research and evidence-based in Paediatric and Neonatal Critical Care, Anesthesia, Emergency and Acute medical specialities. The programme provides:

  • Opportunities for participants to discuss their projects/ideas in safe and facilitated peer group discussions.
  • Keynote plenary lectures, followed by optional choices guided by the participants’ level of existing knowledge and interests. Two tracks are proposed A) Basic research and B) Research for advanced researchers.
  • Various research methodological approaches to answer innovative clinical issues questions.
  • Networking opportunities with people who share similar passions and interests
  • To build national, European, and international research collaborations in paediatric- and neonatal-related fields
  • To create networks of early career and senior researchers in these fields

In addition to the 2-day educational program, a half-day Research exchange workshop will be offered to allow clinicians and researchers to share research expertise and discuss the progress of ongoing specific collaborative research projects as well as potential future projects and collaboration in a collegial and multidisciplinary discussion forum. This year PICU long-term outcome research will be the focus of this half-day, with Prof Joseph Manning chairing the session.

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