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ESPNIC’s Request for Proposals for Professional Association Management (PAM) and Core Professional Conference Organisers (CPCO)

The European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC) is seeking a single company to provide:
1.1) a Professional Association Management (PAM) partner to execute the day-to-day office functions of its Secretariat and to provide administrative support and related services to its leadership (Executive Committee) and members;
1.2) a Core Professional Congress Organizer (CPCO) to manage and organize our main Congress (the main ESPNIC Congress will take place yearly (next in June 2025)). The CPCO will also be committed to any possible other ESPNIC events.
1.3) An Education Manager to develop and manage educational initiatives, including webinars, courses, and other educational programs. This person will be responsible for coordinating educational content, engaging expert faculty, and ensuring the seamless delivery of these activities.

The initial contract will be on a 3-year basis with a joint review of the arrangements after the 2027 Congress.
The partner will be expected to produce and implement a business plan for ESPNIC to identify possible ways of attracting more participants and industry sponsors to its main congress and other events. The business plan will be subject to approval by the ESPNIC Executive Committee (EC).
The PAM/CPCO partner will be required to provide a full management service, including subcontracting based on sound market testing and value-for-money principles.
We invite suitable Companies to submit a short, but exhaustive letter of interest to tender for this contract by e-mail to the ESPNIC Secretary (email: from 31/07/2023 to 15/08/2023. Extensive details are not required at this stage. Further information will be eventually asked of Companies considered interesting by the ESPNIC EC during the consultation period. The process will end with an interview after the evaluation of the full proposal.


All related information can be found [here].